The Relationship Between Music and Writing

Probably since the first moment I began watching the movie Once, I was captivated by Glen Hansard's voice and music. I quickly bought the soundtrack and it has been on repeat during many moments in my life. "Falling Slowly" is easily my favorite song in the world.

Several years back, only knowing the music from that movie, I dragged Alan to a Sunday night concert at San Francisco's iconic The Fillmore to see The Frames and from that moment on I was hooked.


Writers often talk about their inspiration, and for anyone who knows me personally who is also familiar with his work, you can likely identify his music in my writing. (Heck, his music makes a handful of appearances on the Her Confessional soundtrack.) 

His music makes up a large part of what I listen to when I'm working, especially when I'm writing a scene or dialogue that requires a lot of introspection and rawness. There are very few musicians I listen to who reach inside my soul and squeeze, but there's just something about the honesty, transparency, and realness to his music that can bring out those emotions in me as well.

I'm hoping that when we are living in Dublin I'll be able to see him "at home," in one of that city's iconic music venues that he's so much a supporter of. In the meantime, I definitely plan on picking up his new music when it comes out on September 18.