A few words about Ashes to Ashes

With Ashes to Ashes, I didn't intentionally set out to write this particular trope, but they say authors should always write what they love, and one of my favorite plot devices is when the Hero and Heroine get stranded somewhere together and it's just the two of them. As both an author and a reader, this gives me time to explore who each character is on their own and how their relationship develops over time without the interference of the outside world. Unfortunately for some, this also means there isn't a lot of action and/or adventure and because of this I understand some people won't like this book. Me however? I think it's heartbreaking and complex and with Ash and Rae, I've written two of my most wounded characters yet. They needed each other without even knowing it and through their connection, they can each can heal the scars of their pasts. I really hope y'all will connect with these two the way that I have when telling their story.