Updated branding (including my name)

Yesterday I talked about new covers for my Macauley Vampire Series and as part of this new branding effort, I wanted to introduce some additional imagery you'll be seeing around here.

The first thing you'll notice is the name change. For those of you who don't know, Rebecca Caudill - who I most certainly am - is also the name of a very famous, very prolific children's author who wrote more books than I can count before I was even born. Schools across the country promote her writing and there is even a Rebecca Caudill writing contest. As you can imagine, this created a lot of difficulty in establishing my own career. My husband frequently asked if it was hurting my marketing efforts, but I never really had time to do anything about it. When we traveled to Scotland for my birthday and our b&b owner looked me up and couldn't find me, I decided I would make time.  

Rebecca Norinne isn't too much of a stretch though since Norinne is my middle name. Funny story: my grandma's name was Nora and when I was born, my mom didn't know how to spell the name she wanted to give me - roughly translated to Little Nora - so Norinne it was. The rest of the world pronounces this spelling Nor-rin but it's actually pronounced Nor-reen. So from now on, all my books will have this as my author name so keep an eye out on Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and others.