Pirated versions of A Time Apart floating around

Well, I didn't see that one coming.

I just saw that I have a new review of A Time Apart on Amazon and it's a scathing 1 star. While that alone would have been enough to make me feel bad, it's clear from the review that (1) the woman got a free copy that she shouldn't have, and (2) it was an early draft of the story. The final version that is available on Amazon is told entirely in third person POV and it does not repeat the actions from each character's point of view. It did, at one point. A very early point well before I ever sent it to an editor. I have absolutely no idea how that version got out, but I'm sort of freaking out here. I've written to Amazon to ask to have the review taken down since the person obviously has a pirated copy of an unpublished work and they didn't buy it from Amazon, and I've written to a website I found called Mobilism where I separately found the actual book available for download for free telling them that it was pirated content and was copyright infringement. I'm sitting here shaking because I don't know what to do.