Fall in love with The Baker's Beauty

The Baker’s Beauty released on Wednesday, October 24, and Jamaila and I are so proud to introduce you to Sean Amory and Jessica Casillas-Moore. He’s a little bit broken after a tragic moment from his past (okay, a lot broken), while she’s struggling to carve out a future for herself amidst a changing career landscape and a loud, overbearing family.*

We hope you’ll download The Baker’s Beauty and that this story of love, loss, and redemption will warm your heart.

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* While I usually write the heroes and Jamaila tackles the heroines, we flipped the script on this one. Given that Jess is half Mexican it made sense for me to take on her story as I grew up in a mixed family (my white father married a Mexican American woman and I lived with them from the time I was nine until I left home for college). A lot of what you see with Jess’s family is inspired by my own experiences with such a large, vocal brood.

Fun fact: I’d fully forgotten what a dustpan was called until I was telling my then-boyfriend-now-husband to bring me the palita and he had no idea what I was talking about. See also: flip-flops were chanclas and you did not want grandma to beat you with one, and when a girl wears short shorts and you can see her ass cheeks, said grandma would complain about her nalgas hanging out.


Introducing NOT QUITE PERFECT, the first book in my all-new Rocky Cove series.


Growing up in the coastal New England town of Rocky Cove, the Witherspoon siblings lead perfectly charmed lives. But they're all grown up now, and when it comes to romance, their track records are kind of a mess. Join Victoria, Jack, Drew, and Alex as they discover that when it comes to relationships, the best ones are often perfectly imperfect.


 Coming September 26 to Amazon, iBooks, Nook, and Kobo

Coming September 26 to Amazon, iBooks, Nook, and Kobo

I can't believe I met the perfect man ...
On the ferry to my mother’s wedding, I met the most amazing man—his love of Faulkner notwithstanding. Professor David Carstairs was funny, intelligent, and had the sexiest hands I’d ever seen. 

A conversation about classic American literature led to a romantic dinner at his house ... and then a whole lot of dessert afterward. I’d never done anything like that before, but what we had was something special. 

Unfortunately, everything came crashing down the next day. Because my supposedly perfect professor? His dad just married my mom, and now he’s my stepbrother! 

Thanksgiving dinner just got a whole lot more complicated.

I've finally found the perfect woman ...
En route to watch my father marry yet another young gold digger, I met the perfect woman—her hatred of Faulkner notwithstanding. Victoria Witherspoon was kind, witty, and had the most kissable lips I’d ever seen. 

We spent the day together, and then stayed up all night exploring each other’s bodies. I don’t do relationships, but for someone as perfect as Victoria, I was ready to make an exception. 

If only her mom hadn’t just married my dad, putting the object of all my fantasies firmly in the “off limits” category. 

And I thought the holidays were awkward before.


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