She loved him enough to let him go.
Tanya O’Reilly had a reputation for loving two things: sex and Aidan Quark. What no one knew, however, was the deep, dark secret she and Aidan hid for six long years. Unable to move on, Tanya let go of her dreams and watched Aidan walk right into the arms of another woman. That was three years ago, but now she’s back in Dublin and ready to start over. Can she put the past behind her once and for all, or will old feelings resurface when she comes face to face with the only man she’s ever loved? And will she be able to accept that now he’s a package deal?

He’ll move heaven and earth to make her his.
Aidan Quark loved three things: rugby, his son, and Tanya O’Reilly. For years, he's lived with regret, knowing he gave up on their love too easily. Now, he’s juggling his rugby career with being a single dad with no time for dating or women. But when he finds out Tanya’s back in town, more beautiful than ever, he wants nothing more than to build a life with her. Will his love be enough to bridge their divide, and can he convince her two that Quark men are better than one?