(River Hill #1)


With movie roles for “curvy best friend” drying up fast, actress Angelica Travis is happy to leave Hollywood behind to renovate a bed and breakfast in River Hill, the jewel of Northern California’s wine country. She’s got plans and power tools ready, but an inconvenient attraction to her handsome new neighbor is not on the agenda.

Winemaker Noah Bradstone’s master plan is right on schedule. Until construction on the B&B next door threatens his prize-winning vines, culminating in an explosive encounter with his sexy new neighbor. With her pink tool belt and her saucy retorts, Angelica is infuriating. But what’s even more infuriating is how badly he still wants her.

Despite their constant bickering, Noah and Angelica soon learn they have more in common than they thought—including an attraction that burns red hot. But when his past and her future collide, they’re forced to answer some very difficult questions. Can their love survive these shocking revelations? Better yet ... can they survive each other?


"This book made me laugh out loud at some of the antics that happen to get these two to decide that they are truly meant to find their happily ever after with each other. I really enjoyed this book and can't wait to read more of the series.” - White Hot Reads

“Noah is just a refreshing change of pace, and I love that they gave love for us girls who aren't stick figures. This is a refreshing book that you'll want to kick up your feet and enjoy a glass of wine with while reading!” - Bookalicious Babes Blog

"Humorous, sweet, and enchantingly romantic!" - What's Better Than Books?

"River Hill is a small town full of big personalities. It's the place where second chances are just around the corner and a heart's desire can hide in plain sight. Norinne and Brinkley created a setting that is reminiscent of a not so distant past, but with a hint of present day charm." - Hopeless Romantic Book Blog

“Many authors collaborate and write books together, this one presents a solid story where the chapters blend so well together that I can’t tell where one writer begins and the other ends. Now, add wicked chemistry, witty dialogue and a tease of characters that you want to read more about, it’s the perfect recipe to begin a new series.” - Books I Love a Latte