(River Hill #2)


Irish whiskey royalty has no place in River Hill, but that isn’t going to stop Iain Brennan, the black sheep of Brennan Family Distillers, from giving it a shot. Wine Country is an unlikely place to launch a whiskey empire, but Iain’s just reckless enough to make it work. Especially when he finds out the dark-haired beauty he spent one glorious night with is the town’s resident artist. The fact that he needs her help to launch his distillery is even better: Iain’s never said no to mixing business with pleasure.

Naomi Klein has spent the last decade ignoring her society family as much as possible while building a career as a renowned sculptor. She may have put down roots in River Hill, but she’s not looking for happily-ever-after. Just the idea of forever gives her hives. Which makes a rootless Irish wanderer the perfect fling. And shocking her mother? Just a bonus. After all, what can go wrong in three months? Commitment isn’t her thing, and she’s made sure Iain knows it.

But as cozy autumn nights turn into lazy winter mornings, Naomi and Iain realize that they’re getting close to something neither of them expected: love. And when the Brennans and the Kleins descend on River Hill to collect their prodigal children, the town may never be the same. Faced with the realization that Iain’s not quite as rootless as he seems, Naomi will have to decide if she’s ready to grow - or run. And the artist and the distiller will have to find out whether their future can survive their pasts.


"Norinne and Brinkley are a powerhouse duo. From wine country to whiskey royalty, The Distiller's Darling packs an enduring blend of flavors. Wine and whiskey may not mix, but Iain and Naomi are the perfect combination of sultry and sweet." - Hopeless Romantics Blog

"The Distiller’s Darling is an engaging, heartwarming novel with a sweet storyline, amusing characters, and an idyllic setting that highlights that sometimes all you need for the happy ever after you never thought you were looking for is one more night." - What’s Better Than Books?

"A Funny, Lighthearted, Contemporary Romance that is a wonderful summertime must read." - Book Review Express