The Chef's Cutie
(River Hill #4)

Max Vergaras is River Hill’s hottest chef, and the incredible things he does with food are getting noticed all over California. He’s on track to win a James Beard award, and investors are clamoring to have him open another restaurant – or three. But he’s focused on just one thing: his eight-year-old niece, recently orphaned and put under his care. Restaurant hours don’t make for the best parenting, and he’s running himself ragged trying to keep up with his newest menu, Mia's schoolwork, and the social services caseworker assigned to them - who also happens to be the most attractive woman he’s ever met.

Elizabeth Teague has a job to do. She can’t get distracted by one case; she’s got kids to help all over the county. But little Mia's uncle is the sexiest chef she’s ever seen, and he’s got a way with food that has her thinking about things that definitely aren’t on the menu. If she gives in to the temptation that Max represents, they both have everything to lose. But what if it’s possible that they could gain even more?

Coming Spring 2019