The Brewer's Brainiac
(River Hill #6)

When Bryan Stafford quit his lucrative job in finance to open a craft brewery, everyone said he was nuts. Giving up on long days, and even longer nights, also meant giving up his high-rise condo and six-figure bonuses, but Bryan’s finally doing something he’s truly passionate about. And the peaceful, quaint town of River Hil is the perfect place to base his new life. And when he meets up with the town’s other pretty new resident, he’s certain that some joint R&R is in order.

Professor Mathilda Carringer is better known for her excruciating lectures than her penchant for fun. She has no inclination for romance, especially after being called frigid during her last breakup. But a new job at a new university is a chance for a fresh start, and somehow, Bryan brings out a side of her she never knew existed.

On a dare, Saturday morning outings turn into Sunday evening dinners, and before they know it, the unlikely pair of tourists have checked off every item on their bucket list, and it’s time to get back to reality. But Bryan realizes that while they were off exploring Northern California, he should have been exploring his burgeoning feelings for Mathilda. She told him from the beginning she didn’t have any interest in love, but can he convince her to stop thinking and start feeling?