The Barista's Beloved
(River Hill #5)

The Hollow Bean serves River Hill’s finest coffee, but its newest barista isn’t quite making the grade. Ben Worthington’s career as a lawyer hasn’t made him happy. In fact, it hasn’t made him anything but stressed. So he’s come to River Hill, where his oldest friend lives, to relax and figure out where his life went wrong. A job at the local coffee shop to keep himself busy and pay the rent on the cheapest apartment he can find is the perfect setup, but it turns out he forgot one thing: he has no idea how to make coffee.

Maeve Brennan is the nicest person in River Hill. When she's not distilling award-winning whiskies, she's fostering kittens, organizing book drives, and helping old ladies cross the street. When she’s served a cup of coffee so bad that she has no choice but swallow her guilt and send it back, she’s horrified to discover that the barista who made it is a) in danger of losing his job and b) the sexiest man she’s ever met. Not even her standard 30% tip for terrible service can save this situation.

Between them, Ben and Maeve can probably salvage his job and her conscience, but coping with the growing attraction between them is something else. Add in complications from everything from cats to corporate law, and when crunch time comes, they’ll have to decide exactly what’s worth saving.

Coming Summer 2019