(River Hill #3)


After tragedy struck, Sean Amory left his job as a music producer in Los Angeles to go back to his roots. He’s come home to River Hill to work in his family’s iconic bakery while he decides what to do next with his life. The warm ovens soothe his raw nerves, while the gorgeous brunette who jogs past every morning has another effect entirely. He’s in no place to start a relationship, but she makes him want to try.

Former beauty queen Jessica Casillas-Moore hasn’t eaten carbs since she was fourteen. But smelling them won’t ruin her figure, so she routes her morning run past the town’s most delicious-smelling site. When she meets The Breadery’s handsome baker, sparks fly ... and cupcakes get frosted. He’s everything she shouldn’t want, while also being everything she needs.

Sean and Jess might be made for each other, with her family refusing to let her her grow up, and his demons threatening to consume him, the odds against them seem overwhelming. Together, the baker and the beauty will have to decide if their love is meant to be, or if it’s all just a recipe for disaster. Can these opposites find their way to happily ever after?