She’ll make a deal with the devil to escape her family ...
When Winter Stephens meets the mysterious Reed Sterling, she knows she shouldn’t trust him even though he says all the right things. But the closer they grow and the deeper Winter falls, the more things just don’t add up. When she learns Reed is harboring a deep, dark secret that could put them both in jeopardy, Winter must pick sides: does she stay with the man she’s in love with or save the one who gave her life.    

He’ll stop at nothing to avenge his.
Dominic Harmon Reed’s life was destroyed when his family was murdered in front of him. Now, 16 years later and armed with a new identity, Reed will stop at nothing to claim his vengeance, including seducing the daughter of the man he holds responsible. What Reed didn’t count on was the intense attraction he feels for the beguiling Winter Stephens. When the truth about Reed is revealed, he has a choice to make: the woman he wasn’t supposed to love or the man who taught him to hate.