(Irish Rugby #4)


One look at Donal Casey, Dublin Rugby’s cocksure young hooker, and I’m in trouble. The brash athlete with a sweet smile and talented mouth is everything I dream about at night. 

But since he’s ten years younger than me, he’s definitely off limits.

Except Donal didn’t seem to get that memo, and before I know it, one date has become two, and now I’m dreaming about other things. 

Things that look a lot like forever. 

Playboy. Flirt. Womanizer. I know what they say about me, and I also know none of it is true. Despite the parade of girls leaving my bedroom, I’d rather stay a virgin than wind up with a baby-mama claiming the kid is mine. 

But one flirty conversation with Lauren Andrews, a sexy Californian with curves to die for, and I’m all in. One kiss, and I yearn for something more. Something lasting.

But convincing her to be with me is harder than I thought. I'm used to women falling at my feet, not pushing me away. I’m in for the match of my life, and I have no plans to lose. Even if it means leaving Dublin—and rugby—behind for good.