Part One of the Macauley Vampire Series


William Macauley is not a good man. Hell, he’s not even a man. He’s a vampire, made against his will centuries ago, and he’s spent his long life attempting atoning for his greatest sin. Every day he fights to remain the man he remembers once being, but it’s never enough ... until one look at Olivia Donnelly and he sees his shot at redemption. It’s a dangerous game William's playing, but he’ll stop at nothing to claim the fiery beauty that calls to his soul. The only question is, can Olivia handle who he really is ... who she really is?

Ever since she can remember, death has followed Olivia like a shadow ... watching, waiting. Coming face to face with the dark and mysterious William Macauley, Olivia feels an instant connection, something she can't begin to understand, and she knows there's more to him than meets the eye. When William makes a startling confession during a dangerous encounter, Olivia begins to question everything she's ever known about the world and her place in it. Can she accept the horrors that surround William or will she walk away from the only man who's ever understood the darkness she holds inside? Find out in part one of this epic love story ...

Author's note: This book was previously published as A Time Apart. It has been re-written to include dual POV and features new plot content.