Lucky Star
A Hollywood Love Story

Actor Cameron Scott only wants two things in life: fame, and his best friend Sarah Travers. For years, he's lusted after the curvy woman who stood by his side through every failed audition. But now that he's been cast as the lead in the movie adaptation of a best-selling novel, he can't hold back his feelings any longer. 

Unfortunately, the studio has other ideas. They want Sarah out of the picture so Cameron and his beautiful new co-star can pretend to be in love. Their "fauxmance" is the worst idea Cameron's ever heard, but everyone's on board, and he has no choice but to get on this runaway train -- or get left behind. 

Cameron promised Sarah nothing would come between them ever again, but Hollywood has. Now, can their love survive his fame?


Named a "Best of 2016" by Bookalicious Babes Blog