A Hollywood Love Story


One tequila, two tequila, three tequila … floor. Or, in my case, in bed with my best friend. By morning, though, Cameron was gone, and I was left with a wicked hangover and a healthy dose of regret.

I’ve tried avoiding him, but it’s hard when he’s the world’s biggest movie star and I work on his latest film. The only thing worse than having to see him everyday is watching him pretend to fall in love with someone else. I'd always imagined those declarations would be mine someday.

Unfortunately, men like Cameron don’t fall for women like me—until he does. And in a big, bold, romantic way, too. Now, I’m not sure if our relationship would best be described as a comedy or a horror, but it's certainly action packed and full of intrigue. And that fairytale ending I've always wanted? It's just an “I do” away.