(Irish Rugby #1)


Even though I’ve vowed to stay away from athletes, coming face-to-face with Irish rugby star Declan O’Shaughnessy has me reconsidering. When we were kids, he tormented me mercilessly ... but that little boy is all man now, and there are some very adult things I’d like to do with him. 

But it’s not just his hot body or his wicked mouth that I’m falling for. Underneath all that cockiness he’s kind and generous too—the exact opposite of who I expected him to be. 

And now I have to decide if I’m ready to put down roots in Ireland or go back to America, which would mean walking away from the reformed bad boy who just might be the love of my life. 

Rugby was the only thing I cared about until Sophie Newport walked back into my life. When we were kids, I treated her like garbage, but we’re both adults now, and I want to make it up to her. Especially since she makes me feel things no one else ever has—or likely ever will. 

I want her, and I never give up without a fight. Even if it means showing her who I really am … introducing her to the things I need. Even if it means laying my heart on the line and asking her to stay. 

But first I have to win her trust, and then I’m going to win her heart. And this time, I want forever. 


One of the best sports romances I read all year!
— Emerald Book Reviews
A spicy and sweet sports romance that gave me all the feels and made me super happy while reading it.
— Book Briefs
This novel is an exquisite read. It is sweet, delightful and charming but also meaningful and moving. There are some smoking hot scenes that will have you looking crazy!
— A Naughty Girl's Novel World Book Blog