(Dublin Rugby #1)

Named a “Best of 2016” by Emerald Book Reviews, and a “Top 10 Favorite Books of 2017” by A Book Haven


Travel blogger Sophie Newport doesn't date athletes, but one look at Declan O'Shaughnessy has her re-thinking everything. The boy who once tormented her is all man now, and even though she shouldn't want him, she can't stop picturing all the sinful things he promises to do to her. But as days turn to weeks, Sophie comes to realize it's not just about his hot body or his wicked mouth. Underneath that cocky persona, he's kind and generous, too. The exact opposite of who she thought he was. But is it enough to make her set aside her fear and finally put down roots? 

Rugby was the only things Declan cared about—right up until his first love waltzed back into his life. As Dublin Rugby’s captain, he's not used to losing, but Sophie's one challenge he never saw coming. For the first time ever, he sees a future with the girl he never forgot. He wants her, and he never gives up without a fight. Even if it means showing her who he really is; introducing her to the things he needs. Even if it means laying his heart on the line and asking her to stay. Sophie was his first love; he’s determined to be her last. 


One of the best sports romances I read all year!
— Emerald Book Reviews
A spicy and sweet sports romance that gave me all the feels and made me super happy while reading it.
— Book Briefs
This novel is an exquisite read. It is sweet, delightful and charming but also meaningful and moving. There are some smoking hot scenes that will have you looking crazy!
— A Naughty Girl's Novel World Book Blog