A Rock Star Love Story

After conquering my addictions, I'm ready to conquer the public’s bad opinion of me with a comeback tour. But when a series of death threats unravels my plans, my manager calls in the big guns for my protection. 

There’s just one catch: my bodyguard turns out to be the one night stand I never forgot … no matter how hard I tried.

Now, I’m drawn to Ash even more than I was at my darkest. But he has demons of his own, and I’m falling in love with a man who can never love me back. I know I should walk away before it’s too late, but I'm hooked.

And Ash is the sweetest addiction I’ve ever known.

A Mafia Love Story

When my twin brother Jayce orders a hit on Arabella Wilson—the daughter of our family’s greatest rival—I have no choice but to obey. Or so I let him think. But Arabella isn’t just the enemy … she’s also the only woman I’ve ever loved. 

The longer I delay in carrying out his orders, the more erratic he becomes. And then he issues the one ultimatum I can’t ignore: either I kill Arabella or he kills me. 

Now, I have a terrible choice to make. Who lives and who dies—will it be my brother or my lover? Because one thing’s for sure: it won’t be me.


A Forbidden Love Story

When I showed up on Logan’s doorstep, I didn’t know what to expect. It certainly wasn’t a man who made me want to throw caution to the wind and explore all the things I’d been denying myself.

But when he tears up the contract I’ve signed, I know he feels it too. Only, there’s something he’s not telling me. Something he needs as much as my body and my love.

Then came the proposal … and his best friend, Chase.

Coming in January!