He was the mistake I never forgot. Now my life depends on him.

After conquering my addictions, I'm back at work and ready for my next world tour. But when a series of death threats unravels my plans, my manager calls in the big guns at McClintock Security for my protection. There’s just one catch: my bodyguard turns out to be the one night stand I never forgot … no matter how hard I tried.

I can fight it all I want, but I’m drawn to Ash even more than I was at my darkest. But he has demons of his own, and I’m falling in love with a man who can never love me back.

I know I should walk away before it’s too late, but I'm hooked. And Ash is the sweetest addiction I’ve ever known.


The Billionaire's Bargain
(Co-Written With Riley Love)

When Caitriona Patrick shows up at the exclusive club I own to auction off her innocence, she's my darkest fantasy wrapped in a beautiful, untouched package. 

The contract is drawn up. The terms are set. But there's something holding me back me from offering more than the six months I’ve bought and paid for.

His name is Chase Danforth, and he's my best friend. 

Chase is the only person who’s ever made me feel the way Caitriona does, and now I want them both. 

And I always get what I want.

Caitriona never bargained on taking two men to her bed, but I’m determined to prove to her that double the pleasure is double the fun ... and that happily ever after means loving us both.


Sleeping With the Enemy

She’ll make a deal with the devil to escape her family ...
When Winter Stephens meets the mysterious Reed Sterling, she knows she shouldn’t trust him. The closer they grow and the deeper Winter falls, the more things just don’t add up. When she learns that Reed is harboring a deep, dark secret that puts them both in jeopardy, Winter is forced to pick sides: does she choose with the man she’s grown to love or the one who gave her life.    

He’ll stop at nothing to avenge his.
Dominic Harmon Reed’s life was destroyed when his family was murdered in front of him. Now, sixteen years later and armed with a new identity, Reed will stop at nothing to claim his vengeance, including seducing the daughter of the man he holds responsible. What Reed didn’t count on was the intense attraction he feels for the beguiling Winter Stephens. When the truth about him is revealed, he has a choice to make: the woman he wasn’t supposed to love or the man who taught him to hate.