(Dublin Rugby #2)

Named a "Best of 2017" by Bookalicious Babes Blog and Lady Heather's Reviews


Free-spirited university student Aoife O’Shaughnessy has a problem: she’s still a virgin. But that’s okay, she’s got a plan. She’s not looking for love, or romance, or happily ever after. Just one hot night with a guy who won’t want to cuddle in the morning.  And preferably someone who doesn’t play for her big brother’s rugby team. Especially not a certain someone who plays for Dublin Rugby.

Eoin McGrath, Dublin Rugby’s hot new star, is basking in the spoils of his new-found success … including all the girls that come with it. But when he hears his childhood friend Aoife’s plan to lose her virginity, he’s got a better idea: what if he punches her v-card instead? 

It all makes perfect sense. 

Until one night of passion leads to a surprise pregnancy, and Eoin and Aoife must confront their feelings for one another, while dealing with a future neither of them ever saw coming. They’ll both have to grow up fast, but together, they learn they can do anything. Even something as crazy as raising a kid. 

Praise for Ruck Me

This is a truly unique story and you will remember it for days after.  It is utterly compelling, heartbreaking, raw and is written with a harsh and often brutal realism, that not only leaves the reader reeling, anxious and swooning all in the same sentence, but that also thrives off of the deep connection between our main protagonists.
— Emerald Book Reviews
I loved Declan in [Trying Sophie], but Eoin has dominated my heart and soul. This book is one of those stories that make your heart happy and gets your emotions going. It gives all the feels
— Bookalicious Babes Blog
This book was real and unique. Filled with passion this story was fast paced and captivating. An emotional roller coaster I didn’t want to get off.
— Scandalous Book Blog