The Rocky Cove Series



With his blue eyes, killer smile, and sexy five o’clock shadow, Professor David Carstairs was the most handsome man I’d ever met. Add in his easy charm and dry, intelligent wit, and he was absolutely perfect. After one glorious weekend together, I knew I’d finally found The One. 

But fate had other plans in mind. 

There was a reason we were both on that ferry to Dobber’s Island, and it wasn’t serendipity. It turned out that our parents were getting married—to each other! And now they want the Carstairs and the Witherspoons to be one big, happy family.

How do I sit across the dinner table from David and pretend he’s not the man of my dreams? Better yet, how do I stop dreaming of what could have been?

When I met him, I thought everything was perfect. It turns out I was wrong. Or was I?

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Imagine my surprise when I woke up next to my worst enemy wearing nothing but a wedding ring and a smile.

Attending a work conference alongside Professor Hank Talbot is never a good time. Pretending we actually like each other is even less so. 

So when he tells our colleagues that my idea of fun is to organize my sock drawer, I’m ready to show him I’m not the shrew he thinks I am. 

From nightclubs to dive bars, we hit up all that Las Vegas has to offer— including Elvis’s wedding chapel. That’s right. Hank and I are the biggest cliche there is. We got drunk, and then we got hitched.

But even worse than marrying a man I hate? His family just offered me $3 million to stay that way!

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