One perfect night with a sexy professor ... what could possibly go wrong?

On the way to my mom’s surprise wedding, I met the most amazing man. Professor David Carstairs was intelligent, handsome, and oh-so-charming—basically every woman’s dream. And our night together? The stuff fantasies are made of.

But that dream quickly turned into a nightmare.

You see, there was a reason David and I were on that ferry together, and it wasn’t serendipity. More like the world’s worst practical joke. Because it turned out my mom’s mysterious groom was none other than David’s father ... giving new meaning to the phrase “keeping it all in the family.

Unfortunately, I’ve developed decidedly non-familial feelings for David that are growing stronger and stronger every day. And now this whole idea of us being one big happy family is weighing heavy on me—literally. Because what I thought was the flu? Yeah, not so much. 

Everything was perfect. Until it wasn’t.