Bound To Me

When the death threats started, my management team called in the best bodyguards in show business.

There was just one problem: I’d already met the man assigned to protect me.

And I’d spent the last few years trying to forget him.

But it’s hard to forget a man like Ash Devereaux.

When it’s just the two of us hiding out deep in the Oregon woods, it’s even harder not to fall for him.

No one has ever made me feel this good … while making me feel this bad.

And now it’s not just my life that’s on the line.

It's my heart that needs protecting, too.


Return To Me

She was my best friend. My only friend. From the moment we met, she became my everything.

But then life happened, and we went our separate ways. For ten long years, I’ve tried to forget her. But there’s no forgetting someone who’s stamped on your soul.

So here I am at our high school reunion, ready to try again. I just pray she feels the same.

He was my best friend. My only friend. First, I gave him my heart, then I gave him my body.

Now, I’m back in the town that nearly broke me. I hadn’t planned on coming, but when I heard he might be here too, nothing could have kept me away.

I’ve tried to move on, but no one compares to him. I just pray he feels the same.