Book One

Fame was my biggest desire … until I met her.

Landing a role in the most anticipated movie of the year is my dream come true. But it’s nothing without my best friend Sarah by my side. She’s my lucky charm. She’s also the woman I’m secretly in love with, and now I have to make her mine. 

Quicker than you can say, “Lights, camera, action!” I’m down on one knee, asking her for forever. When she says yes, it’s the happiest moment of my life. 

But we’re facing serious backlash, and now this dream is poised to become a nightmare. Happily-ever-afters exist outside of the movies ... don't they?



Book Two

Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.

Everyone knows I’m not the type of woman a man like Cameron Scott needs in his life. So quicker than you can say “Sexiest Man Alive,” the studio backing his latest movie concocts a plan to replace me with someone worthy of their rising star. 

Soon, I’m pushed into the shadows, while Cameron and his beautiful new co-star parade their “fauxmance” for all the world to see. Now, what was supposed to be our happily-ever-after is quickly morphing into my worst nightmare. 

But underneath it all, I know he still loves me. I just need to find a way to make him remember.

Book Three

When we fell in love, we thought nothing would come between us … but then Hollywood did. 

When the world threatens to destroy the relationship we've built, we escape to the wilds of Canada, where our passion is reignited. 

While there, we rediscover the love we thought we had lost—and uncover a new life we never thought possible.

But we’ve made powerful enemies, and it’s only a matter of time until the studio makes us pay for what we’ve done. But no matter what happens, our love will survive. 

Because this is what happily-ever-afters are made of.


The Complete Series

For as long as I can remember, I’ve only wanted two things: to hit it big in Hollywood, and to be with my best friend Sarah. For years, I’ve lusted after her curves, her wit, and her charm. 

Now that I’ve landed the lead role in the biggest movie of the year, I can’t hold back my feelings any longer. If she’ll have me, I want to spend the rest of our lives together.

Unfortunately, the studio has other ideas. They want Sarah out of the picture so that I can pretend to be in love with my new co-star. This “fauxmance” is the worst idea I’ve ever heard, but everyone’s on board. Now, I have no choice but to fall in line or be fired.

From the beginning, I promised Sarah that nothing would come between us … but Hollywood has. And now, I don’t know if our love can survive my fame.