Ruck Me, Maul Me, Make Me Scrum


(Irish Rugby #1)

Championship trophies were the only thing I cared about until my first love walked back into my life. Now, I’ve been given a second chance to right the wrongs of my past, to make up for the way I treated Sophie all those years ago. To prove to her how precious she really is.

But first, I have to win her trust. And then I’m going to win her heart.

And this time I want forever.


(Irish Rugby #3)

When my friend Aoife came up with a plan to lose her virginity, I had a better idea: what if I punched her v-card instead? It all made perfect sense … until one night of passion lead to a surprise we never saw coming.

Now, I have to prove to her that I’m not the irresponsible kid she thinks I am. That I’ll stick by her side no matter what.

I know we’re young, but I’m ready to man-up and be there for her … and our baby.

All she has to do is say yes.


(Irish Rugby #3)

Playboy. Flirt. Womanizer. I know what they say about me, but none of it's true. In fact, I’d rather stay a virgin than wind up with a baby-mama claiming the kid is mine.

But one conversation with Lauren, a sexy Californian with curves to die for who’s in town for just eight weeks, and I’m all in. One kiss, and I yearn for something more.

Now, I’m in for the match of my life, and I have no intention of losing. Even if it means leaving Dublin—and rugby—behind for good.


(Irish Rugby #4)

All my life I looked and wondered. Could I? Would I? And then, finally, I did.

But when I sampled a taste of that forbidden fruit, my whole world came crashing down.

Now, I’m in Edinburgh, seeking redemption with a new team and trying to rebuild my life.

But one look at Chef Lachlan MacLeod and I’m tempted by more than what’s on the menu at his award-winning restaurant.

Can I? Will I?

My heart says no, but my body says yes.