The Dublin Rugby Romance Series

When you enjoy reading about hot, alpha athletes who play hard and love even harder


An Enemies to Lovers Romance

I grew up surrounded by professional athletes, so I know better than to date one. Which is why I’m determined not to fall for arrogant rugby star Declan O’Shaughnessy.

Except he’s nothing like I remember.

Gone is the boy who used to torment me, and in his place is a sexy, muscled man that I can’t seem to tear my eyes away from.

And it’s not just his hot body that I’m falling for. Underneath all that brash cockiness, he’s kind and generous too.  

But he’s looking for forever, and my stay in Dublin is only temporary. So how come when I look at him it feels a lot like coming home?

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A Surprise Pregnancy Romance

I’ve called my best friend Aoife O’Shaughnessy a number of things, but dumb was never one of them. 

Until now.

Because I just heard her plan to cash in her v-card, and it’s dangerous. She has no idea how far in over her head she really is. 

So I volunteered for the job instead.

We weren’t supposed to fall in love.

And that thing that happened next? Neither of us planned on that.

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A Secret Virgin Romance

Playboy. Flirt. Womanizer. I know what they say about me, but none of it is true.

Despite the parade of girls leaving my bedroom, I’d rather stay a virgin than wind up like my famous dad.  

But one flirty conversation with Lauren Andrews, a sexy chef from California who’s been hired to cook for the team, and I’m all in. 

One kiss, and I yearn for more. 

But between our age difference and the fact that she’s going back to America in two months, convincing her to give me a chance is harder than I thought. 

I'm used to women falling at my feet, not pushing me away.  

But I won't give up. 

I'm willing to do what it takes to make her mine ... even if that means leaving Dublin—and rugby—behind for good.

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A M/M Sports Romance

All my life I’ve been curious. Unfortunately, the first time I succumbed to my desires, the guy turned around and blackmailed me.

Which is how I ended up in Edinburgh, hanging out in Lachlan MacLeod’s restaurant and wanting more than what’s on the menu. 

His whisky-colored eyes, the colorful ink lining his forearms, and his calm intelligence drive me wild.  

I want him. More than that, I trust him.

But he wants a relationship, and I’m in the closet, so I just might have to let him go.

I regularly put my body on the line, but my heart is a whole other story. 

If only I was strong enough to take a chance on love.

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A Dublin Rugby Short Story

The day my fiancé left me at the alter for his pregnant secretary, I thought my life was over. 

Thankfully, my sister refused to let me wallow in misery. When she dragged me to Dublin, I never expected to fall for a sexy rugby player with the body of a gladiator and the heart of a gentleman. 

All I wanted was to get over my ex; I never meant to fall in love.

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