(Dublin Rugby #4)


Liam Donnelly's honed, athletic body craves something he can't have. Not when the last time ended in disaster.

Now, the Dublin Rugby stalwart is seeking redemption with a new team in Edinburgh. His fresh start is going strong, but one look at Chef Lachlan MacLeod's inked forearms and he's tempted by far more than what's on the menu.

Lachlan Macleod is out and proud.

He's sworn off his unfortunate tendency to hook up with bi-curious straight guys who only want to explore, but when Liam looks at him with heat-filled eyes and secret longing, how can he say no?

What starts off as a safe way for Liam to explore his burgeoning sexuality is quickly morphing into something more, something that makes both men feel whole.

But sometimes, having everything isn't enough. What happens when the only way to truly love somebody is to let them go?