(Irish Rugby #3)


All my life, I looked and wondered. Could I? Would I? And then, finally, I did. But when I sampled a taste of that forbidden fruit, my whole world came crashing down. So when the opportunity to play rugby in Edinburgh came along, it was my best chance to put the past behind me. But one look at Chef Lachlan MacLeod’s knowing whisky-colored eyes, the dark scruff dotting his jaw, and the colorful ink lining his forearms, and I’m wondering all over again. 

Can I? Will I? 

My heart says no, but my body says yes. 

I have no problem with who I am … except for my unfortunate tendency to hook up with bi-curious straight guys only looking for a thrill. I’ve vowed never to go down that path again, but when Liam Donnelly shows up at my restaurant—his eyes filled with heat and secret longing—I can't help myself. 

I know falling for the closeted rugby player is a terrible idea, but he calls to me in a way no one ever has before. 

And now, what started as a safe way for him to explore his sexuality has morphed into something much deeper. I want a relationship, and I want it with him. But loving the gorgeous, broken athlete might actually mean letting him go.