Excerpt #2 from Lucky Star

Yesterday I shared a steamy excerpt from my latest release, and today I'm back to share another one (albeit far less steamy). I hope you enjoy!

My heart broke for him. For me. For us.

He wasn’t alone in those desires, and while it would be simple if we were other people, we were who we were. We lived in a world where if he defied the studio’s mandate it would spell the end of any career he might have. If my eggs were shriveling up, he wasn’t getting any younger either and there weren’t a lot of leading roles for unknown actors over a certain age. He couldn’t live on commercials or bit roles in made-for-TV movies for much longer. If he played this awful game, he would have more money and fame than he’d ever dreamed and we would be set for life.

“I see this playing out two ways. If you give up on this role—because that’s what you’d be doing—you can move home to Ohio and help your dad run the farm. I’d go with you. Or you can do this movie their way and when you eventually do go home, it’s with your head held high. Your dad won’t have to break his back well into his seventies since the money you get from this trilogy will set your parents up for life. It’ll set us up for life.”

I hated myself for playing dirty like this but it was for his own good. Once I’d decided to sacrifice my pride for the good of his career, that had been that. He’d accused me of not wanting to fight for us, but that’s exactly what I was doing. I was just playing the long game.

“If you do this, you won’t ever have to compromise again. You’re going to be a huge star and once that happens you can tell Broderick or any other director how it’s going to be, have stipulations built into your contract that prevent them from meddling in your personal life.”

As the words tumbled from my lips, I watched him work through what I was promising in his head.

Sealing the deal for Broderick—and in a roundabout way, our future—I continued. “Once this movie wraps, we’ll go public. We just can’t do it now. They’ll cut you loose and hire the other guy and then it’ll be gone, just like that.” I snapped my fingers. “They’ll do it too, don’t ever doubt that. Broderick is ruthless as hell. He’ll ruin you if you ruin this movie. But don’t think of it like that. This is an opportunity. A difficult one, yes, but in the end, it can work. I promise, I’ll be by your side the whole time. You won’t be alone.”

I felt his resolve weakening as I laid it out. Once he’d established himself as a leading man, we could be together publicly and he could knock me up and buy all the damn farms in Ohio if that’s what he wanted to do. I was offering him the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and all he had to do was do what he did best: play a part.

When his shoulders slumped in defeat, I knew I’d won, if that’s what you could call this. Because in the short term? I was the loser.

This is all for him, I reminded myself. My sacrifice now ensures our future.

He dropped his head forward and closed his eyes. “I know I’m going to regret this,” he whispered.

And that, my friends, is how I became Cameron Scott’s best-kept secret.
— Lucky Star: A Hollywood Love Story by Rebecca Caudill

Excerpt from Lucky Star

One of the things I love about the book blogging community is bloggers' willingness to share excerpts from newly released books with their readers. For the next two weeks, I'll be on (virtual) tour with many bloggers sharing their thoughts and feelings about Lucky Star: A Hollywood Love Story, as well as the playlist I created in Spotify and excerpts from the book itself. With a few of these having already been posted I wanted to make sure that those of you who follow this blog also got a chance to see this content. 

** SPOILER WARNING: If you haven't read Lucky Star and don't want any plot points given away, stop reading now. **

Sarah shook her head back and forth, and choking on her laughter, begged me to spare her. Her words said she’d had enough, while the slick wetness of her excitement as she raised her hips to meet mine said otherwise.

“Tell me you want me deep inside of you,” I commanded, my cock’s head poised at her entrance, teasing her.

Her eyes twinkled up at me. “I dunno.” She bit her lip and played the coquette while I caressed her with my dick.

“Are you sure? Because I think you do.” I entered her, just enough to torment her and flexed my hips.

Her breathing intensified and her eyes went glassy.

“Tell me you want this cock in your dripping pussy. All you have to do is say the word and it’s yours.”

Her hips bucked and her nails dug into my back. “Please,” she begged.

“Say it.”

“Cameron …”

“Say you want my cock Sarah.”

When she screamed out “Oh Christ, I want that perfect, delicious, fucking amazing cock deep in my pussy!” I plunged into her slippery heat and lost myself.

“Oh god Cameron. I’m going to come!”

Before her orgasm could hit, I pulled nearly all the way out and then in one fluid motion glided back in and upward, thrusting deep to hit her g-spot. All at once she broke apart and uncontrollable, shuddering contractions wracked her body.

“I want you to come with me when I come.” I buried my face in the crook of her neck and sucked, bit, and laved, my cock slinking in and out of her plush heat.

“I can’t take any more,” she whispered as I felt the evidence of her last orgasm coat me from root to tip.

“Yes you can.” I ground my pelvis against her sensitive clit. “Come with me Sarah.”

Dazed with an intoxicating combination of exhaustion and a pleasure I knew bordered on pain, her next orgasm hit, throwing her over the edge while she sobbed my name as her body trembled beneath me. “My body … my heart …” she choked out between ragged breaths, “It’s not my own anymore. You own me, completely.”

She was wrong. She owned me.

With a powerful, driving thrust my balls contracted and my vision blurred as I joined her with an explosion that tore me apart and then knitted me back together again. In a moment of blinding clarity, I knew I’d give up everything I had, everything to come, if it meant I could be with her always.

One heartbeat, ten, maybe a million beats later, she opened her eyes and her kiss-swollen lips tipped up in an exhausted smile and I saw my future in her eyes. In the span of an instant I witnessed us growing old side by side, her name the last word on my lips before I departed this earth, and I wanted that more than anything I’d ever wanted before in my life.

“Marry me Sarah,” I blurted out.

From the first moment I realized I was in love with Sarah Travers, my best friend and the best person I’d ever known, I’d imagined the moment I’d ask her to marry me. After picking up the ring from my parents, I’d planned all manner of proposals in my head but none of them had looked like this. Even though I couldn’t bring myself to regret how I’d done it, I hoped I hadn’t just made my biggest mistake yet.

*Whew* That was steamy!

Oh! And did I mention Lucky Star is currently on sale for just 99¢? You have to get it now.