Diversity in Romance

I was having a conversation with another author in which we discussed diversity in romance, and I mentioned that one of my upcoming heroines will be Mexican-American. She was shocked, and cautioned me to tread lightly because "as a privileged white woman, you have no idea what it's like to be a WOC." I get it, honestly, I do.

Except ...

From the time I was nine, I was raised by my dad and his wife, a Mexican-American woman. Every holiday, every gathering, every day, my blonde sister and I were the minority. I grew up with more insight into how a large Mexican family in Southern California functions than your "standard" white family did. All of my cousins are brown. My half-sister is brown. (Hell, she lives in Mexico, and is married to a Mexican man.)

I don't say this to claim I'm an expert. Hell, I would never claim to be an expert on anything. But ... I do have some insight and some real-life experiences that I think will make the character feel authentic. And if I ever feel like I'm missing the mark, I've always got my family to check in with. I feel good about this one. I hope you will too.