Announcing a co-writing venture with Jamaila Brinkley

Last year I came across some really great stock imagery that sent my mind on a whirlwind of thought, and out of that came the idea for a series based on six different heroes who are all involved with food & beverage in one capacity or another. And from that kernel of an idea, a full fledged series was born. (Well, at least the titles and some ideas for covers. Ha!) 

When I first started talking about it on my super secret readers' group (which really isn't a secret - you can join here), everyone was incredibly excited, but no more so than my friend, author Jamaila Brinkley. We'd joked around here and there about how we should write together someday, but with very divergent genres, there never seemed a good, happy medium where both our talents could shine. 

Until that day.

Because you see, Jamaila and I have a lot more in common than just being indie authors. We actually go waaaay back - first meeting almost ten years ago - when we were both home renovation bloggers bringing historic homes back to their former glory: mine a 1910 Craftsman in Oakland, CA, and hers a 1920s family home outside of Baltimore.

So when she asked, by chance, if I was thinking about hooking up my new winemaker with a heroine who knew her way around a tool box, I laughed hysterically. Because you see, that's exactly what I was planning to do! And so a plan was formed. And now, several months later, she and I are working on a new book we hope to release later this year.

Introducing The Vintner's Vixen.

With movie roles for "curvy best friend" drying up fast, actress Angelica Travis is happy to be leaving Hollywood behind for a project she's truly passionate about: renovating an historic bed and breakfast in peaceful wine country. She's got plans and power tools ready, but an inconvenient attraction to her obnoxious new neighbor is NOT on the agenda.

Winemaker Noah Blackstone wants nothing more than to cultivate his grapes and win awards for his wine. But when construction on the B&B next door threatens his vines, Noah goes on a rampage - and comes up hard against the sexiest starlet he's ever seen. Exactly the sort of woman he's vowed never to get involved with again. 

Angelica and Noah might be able to resolve their differences over a glass of some very fine wine but when her opportunity at breakout stardom comes calling, all bets are off.

You guys, this book is going to be SOOOOO good.

It combines two things Jamaila and I are both passionate about and because of that, that the story is practically writing itself. As we worked through the initial outline every message I sent was filled with more exclamation points than the one before it. I'm not ashamed to admit that I must have written, "I *love* this!" at least 20 times.

We don't have a fixed release date yet - we both have several committed projects slated for the remainder of the year - but I would love it if we are able to get it in your hot little hands sometime in late fall/early winter.

Trust me, the wait is going to be soooo worth it. (Now you just have to be patient while we finalize the cover. )