Coming Soon! Lucky Star: A Hollywood Love Story

A couple of days ago I posted to Facebook and Twitter that I had some amazing, super awesome, totally unexpected news coming your way so I'm here to let you in on what it is.

<drumroll please>

The Her Confessional novella series I wrote last year has been completely re-written and expanded with never-before-seen chapters, including Cameron's point of view. What does this mean? Well, for starters, it means I have a new full length, standalone contemporary romance coming your way on June 28 titled LUCKY STAR: A HOLLYWOOD LOVE STORY.

What else does it mean? For those of who you were sad my previous books have been limited to Amazon, you'll be happy to know LUCKY STAR will be available across Amazon, iBooks, Barnes and Noble, etc. etc., meaning a much wider audience will be introduced to these two characters and their amazing love story.

I've made no secret of the fact that I really, really, really loved Cameron and Sarah and had a hard time stepping away from their tale to work on other stories. Almost as soon as I finished writing it last year, I conceived plans to revisit it at a later date and have been dabbling ever since, working through Cameron's point of view and additional ideas to weave into the story. I hadn't talked about this idea too much publicly because I didn't know if I'd ever actually publish it but a few friends and family knew and encouraged me to explore the idea further. When I was presented with an opportunity to feature my contemporary romance writing in advance of an event I'm attending later this year, I jumped at the chance to put those plans into action. I've been giddy the last couple of weeks while putting all the final details into motion.

Finally, this release means the Her Confessional series has been retired completely. If you visit my website ( or my Amazon author profile, you won't see it available for purchase. I realize some of you who purchased the series may feel like I've pulled one over on you, asking you to buy my books and then asking you to buy it again. I want to assure you that is not the case. First of all, there will be enough new content included in LUCKY STAR that makes this book its own entity. And second, I would never ask you to spend your money twice. For those of you previously posted reviews to Amazon or Goodreads, if you're interested in reading LUCKY STAR, I will happily gift you a digital copy (ePUB or .mobi) of the book for free. I hope you are as excited by revisiting this beloved couple as I am and learning what was going on in Cameron's mind as his relationship with Sarah unfolded. If not, however, I totally understand. Instead, I'd just ask you to be excited for me because this endeavor has really re-invigorated my writing and made me hone in on an irrefutable fact: I love writing Contemporary Romance.

The cover reveal takes place across 50+ blogs tomorrow and I can't wait to share it with all of you. I hope you love it as much as I do because I think it's really quite gorgeous.