It's Finally Here: Keeper of My Soul!

Whew! This one was a long time coming, no?

After a year and a handful of months, the long-awaited sequel to A Time Apart: Book One of the Macauley Vampire Series has finally arrived. 

Olivia Donnelly is having one hell of a year. First she discovered vampires are real, then she found out a whole lot more than she bargained for about reincarnation, and now that she’s joined the undead she is quickly coming to learn there’s a whole lot more to William Macauley’s world than meets the eye. As Olivia struggles to adapt to this new life, an old madness long dormant in their bloodline re-emerges, bringing with it an unexplained power that courses through her veins unchecked. Faced with danger from old enemies and whispers of an ancient prophecy, William and Olivia are forced to battle not only her internal demons, but other vampires who threaten their very lives. Can their immortal love conquer all or will it lead to their destruction?

Are you as excited by this as I am? I certainly hope so. Now ... go buy it!