A Look Ahead to What's Coming in 2017

In 2016, I released two full length novels that each clocked in at over 120,000 words (Lucky Star and Trying Sophie), plus I re-wrote and re-released A Time Apart. If you can believe it, my plans for 2017 are even more ambitious than that.

First, I intend to release a short novella that is a tie-in to Lucky Star (The Ties That Bind) in January. Then, I'll re-issue an updated version of Keeper of My Soul sometime thereafter. In late spring/early summer, I plan to release two additional books: Ruck Me (Dublin Rugby #2) and In Plain Sight (which will also be part of a box set I'm working on with several other steamy contemporary romance authors). Hopefully at some point during this period, American Hero also gets to see the light of day. The goal is to have an additional Dublin Rugby book available for you in late-summer, and then an Eagle Harbour novella for you toward the end of fall. If all that hasn't completely worn me out, I'd like to also put out a short Christmas novella that is also part of the Lucky Star universe. We'll see how that goes.

Obviously, I reserve the right to change this schedule pending how life treats me in the coming year, but I'm really excited to get these books in your hot little hands. Three are well on their way, with the others generally plotted out. I'm curious to hear from you all which book you're most looking forward to. Reply in the comments and let me know!