I've been a machine these past few days, banging out words on my keyboard like my life depended on it. I've gotten to a point in my current manuscript where I've found the voice of my hero, I know and understand his motivations, and those around him are starting to realize who he is below the flash and sizzle of his celebrity. Basically, I'm really loving where this is going.

In fact, I just wrote a few sentences that I love so much I wanted to take a quick moment and share them with you.

He’d played with my hair; he’d brought me flowers, and he’d stood outside in the rain wanting me to come outside and be with him.

“Oh my god,” I whispered. “I’ve had it all wrong. All this time, so very wrong”

Across the table I heard my gramps chuckle. “Yeah, lass. I’d say you have.”

My heroine ... well ... she has no idea what she's in for. She's about to be swept off her feet like never before.

I can't wait. 

I'm giddy.