What I'm Working on Now: Trying Sophie

Last week I supplied my newsletter subscribers with a sneak peek of my current work in progress and inspiration for four major characters in the novel so I feel it's only fair to share that information here.


When Sophie Newport was eight years old she was sent to live with her grandparents in a seaside village in Ireland while her parents worked through a bitter, ugly divorce. Unfortunately for Sophie, those two years were filled with teasing, loneliness, and a nemesis named Declan O’Shaughnessy. Now 26 and a successful travel writer, Sophie is living life on her terms – going where she wants, when she wants, and with whom she wants. But when her mom asks Sophie to help her grandma run the famous pub Sophie loathes, she finds herself right back in the place she swore she’d never return. While trying to save her grandparents’ business, Sophie comes face to face with Declan the Turd, who - much to her chagrin - is the hottest damn man she's ever laid eyes on. Complicating matters further, he's also one of the country's most popular rugby players and her grandparents' pub is where he passes time when home visiting family. Sparks immediately fly between the two as Sophie fights her growing attraction to Declan and her desire to put down roots in the last place she ever thought she’d settle down.

Meet the inspiration for my primary characters.

Since moving to Dublin I've become obsessed with rugby and have spent many hours pouring over Twitter feeds, newspaper articles, and sports commentators' blogs. Oh, and going to as many home games as I possibly can. With the announcement of Ireland's national team having taken place today, I thought it was high time I share my own cast of rugby characters with you all.

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