The Contract: A MMF Billionaire Romance

The only thing I have of any value is the one thing ruthless billionaire Logan Davis is determined to own: my innocence.

It was supposed to be a simple business transaction. Payment for a wager gone wrong.

One month in his bed, and I would walk away with a million dollars.

How hard could it be?

But I didn’t count on the fire Logan ignited in my soul, or the feelings that welled deep inside my heart.

I never meant to fall in love with him … or his best friend, real estate tycoon Chase Donovan.

And now I love two men.

But the craziest thing of all?

They love each other, too.


The Boss: A Billionaire Office Romance

When my sister challenged me to kiss the sexy stranger who’d been eyeing me all night long at our cousin’s wedding, I thought she was crazy.

But then he kept on staring, and I became more and more curious.

Before I could talk myself out of it, I marched right up to him and pulled him in for a long, slow kiss.

And then he pulled me upstairs where he kissed me all over.

One night, no last names.

And when I woke up, the sexy billionaire was gone.

Two months later, he strolled into a company meeting wearing an arrogant smile and a three-piece suit.

“Hello everyone. My name is Patrick Gold, and I’m your new CEO.”

Now, no one at work can know what we did.

Or what we keep on doing … over, and over, and over again.