The Barista’s Beloved


It’s been months since whiskey maker Maeve Brennan has been on a date and she’s coming dangerously close to adopting twenty cats—until she crosses paths with River Hill’s newest barista. But Ben’s made it clear he only wants to be friends, so Maeve will definitely stop fantasizing about his forearms. Probably. Maybe.

Former lawyer Ben Worthington never thought he’d be slinging coffee, but there’s a lot about his life that doesn’t make sense. Like his attraction to the town’s beloved distiller. But since Maeve’s made it clear she doesn’t have time for romance, Ben will stop dreaming about her naked. Soon. Eventually. 

What Maeve and Ben can’t deny is how much they enjoy each other’s company, and as weeks turn into months, it becomes difficult to suppress their feelings. Until one rainy night changes everything … and now these two must decide if it’s worth risking their friendship for something that feels a lot like love.

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The Vintner’s Vixen — There’s a thin line between love and hate, something these new neighbors learn almost immediately. Which is why this grumpy winemaker and bubbly actress falling into each other’s arms almost as often as they sling insults at each other. Will the small town of River Hill be able survive their tumultuous relationship? Better yet, can they survive each other? 

The Distiller’s Darling — Take one commitment-phobic artist, pair her with a whiskey executive who’s only passing through, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a three-month fling. Until it turns out this rootless Irish wanderer isn’t quite so rootless after all, and they’re forced to admit these feelings definitely aren’t temporary.

The Baker’s Beauty — He’s running away from his past, while she’s just trying to figure her’s out. This baker and his beauty queen are as opposite as two people can be … except their actually quite perfect together. This slow-burn, small town romance will make you believe in the healing power of love in the face of even the strongest obstacles.