(Dublin Rugby #1)

Sex and rugby are the only things I care about. I play hard and I fuck even harder.

Until my first love waltzes back into my life and I’m given a second chance to right the wrongs of my past. She doesn’t want to forgive me, but I’ll use everything at my disposal to make her see I’ve changed. That I can be the man she needs me to be.

I’ve never pursued a woman the way I chase down opponents on the field, but this time I won’t back down. I won’t let her run away again.

Sophie was my first love. I'm going to be her last.


One of the best sports romances I read all year!
— Emerald Book Reviews
A spicy and sweet sports romance that gave me all the feels and made me super happy while reading it.
— Book Briefs
This novel is an exquisite read. It is sweet, delightful and charming but also meaningful and moving. There are some smoking hot scenes that will have you looking crazy!
— A Naughty Girl's Novel World Book Blog