The Ties That Bind
A Forbidden Mafia Romance


My twin brother Jayce wants the daughter of our family's greatest rival snuffed out, and as the St. John Family assassin, the task falls squarely on my shoulders. Except this is no ordinary hit. Arabella Wilson was my first love - my only love. And my brother? It's only a matter of time until he turns his sights on me. So who will it be - my brother or my lover, my darkness or my light?

Find out in this forbidden mafia romance based on Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet.


Arabella is utterly phenomenal. Intelligent, ruthless, ambitious, heartbroken, hurting, full of love and pain and ultimately one of the strongest and most complex heroines I’ve had the pleasure of reading.
— Emerald Books Blog
THE TIES THAT BIND by Rebecca Norinne was a DYNAMITE read!! This Romeo & Juliet based romantic thriller about two lovers caught in the feud between two warring crime families was chock full of so much delicious drama—Forbidden love. Hate. Revenge. Intrigue. Scorching lust—and I was a captive audience throughout!
— Epic Romance Reviews
Rebecca has a knack for pulling you into the story and captivating you completely.
— Bookalicious Babes Blog
Moments so intense and full of emotion they took my breath away.
— Romanticamenta Fantasy Sito Blog