Ruck me, maul me, make me scrum.


Trying Sophie

She was his first love …
Travel blogger Sophie Newport doesn't date athletes, but one look at Declan O'Shaughnessy has her re-thinking everything. The boy who once tormented her is all man now, and even though she shouldn't want him, she can't stop picturing all the sinful things he promises to do to her.

But as days turn to weeks, Sophie comes to realize it's not just about his hot body or his wicked mouth. Underneath that cocky persona, he's kind and generous too. The exact opposite of who she thought he was. But is it enough to make her set aside her fear and finally put down roots?

… He’s going to be her last.
Rugby was the only things Declan cared about—right up until his first love waltzed back into his life. As Dublin Rugby’s captain, he's not used to losing, but Sophie's one challenge he never saw coming.

For the first time ever, he sees a future with the girl he never forgot. He wants her, and he never gives up without a fight. Even if it means showing her who he really is, and introducing her to the things he needs. Even if it means laying his heart on the line and asking her to stay.

Named a "Best of 2016” by Emerald Book Reviews and a "Favorite Books of 2017” by A Book Haven Blog


Ruck Me

He was her secret crush
Free-spirited university student Aoife O’Shaughnessy has a problem: she’s still a virgin. But that’s okay, she’s got a plan. She’s not looking for love, or romance, or happily ever after. Just one hot night with a guy who won’t want to cuddle in the morning. Preferably someone who doesn’t play for her big brother’s rugby team. Especially not a certain someone she’s known her whole life.

She was the girl who was off-limits
Eoin McGrath, Dublin Rugby’s hot new star, is basking in the spoils of his success, including all the girls that come with it. But when he hears his childhood friend Aoife’s asinine plan to lose her virginity, he’s got a better idea. What if he punches her v-card instead? It all makes perfect sense.

Until one night of passion changed everything
But when their secret leads to a surprise pregnancy, Eoin and Aoife must confront their feelings for one another while dealing with a future neither of them ever saw coming. They’ll have to grow up fast, but together, they learn they can do anything. Even something as crazy as raising a kid.

Named a "Best of 2017" Winner by Bookalicious Babes Blog and Lady Heather's Reviews



She’ll give him eight weeks. He’ll ask for forever.

One look at Donal Casey, Dublin Rugby's cocksure young hooker, and Chef Lauren Andrews knows she's in deep trouble. The brash athlete with a sweet smile and talented mouth is everything she dreams about at night. Everything she knows she can’t have. But Donal’s charming and determined, and eventually she gives in to his wicked charms. One date leads to another, and soon she's dreaming about other things … things like forever.

Playboy. Flirt. Womanizer. Donal knows what they say about him, and he knows none of it's true. Despite the parade of girls leaving his bedroom, he'd rather stay a virgin than wind up with a baby-mama claiming the kid is his. But one flirty conversation with the team's sexy new cook, and he's all in. One kiss, and he yearns for something more. Something lasting. Now, Donal's in for the match of his life, and he has no plans to lose. Even if it means leaving Dublin—and rugby—behind for good.


Break Down

His heart says no, but his body says yes

Liam Donnelly's honed, athletic body craves something he can't have. Not when the last time ended in disaster. Now, the Dublin Rugby player is seeking redemption with a new team in Edinburgh. His fresh start is going strong, but one look at Chef Lachlan MacLeod's inked forearms and whiskey-colored eyes and he's tempted by far more than what's on the menu.

Lachlan is out and proud. He's sworn off his unfortunate tendency to hook up with bi-curious straight guys who only want to explore, but when Liam looks at him with heat-filled eyes and secret longing, how can he say no?

What starts off as a safe way for Liam to explore his sexuality is quickly morphing into something more. Something that makes both men feel whole. But Liam’s not ready to go public, and Lachlan’s not ready to go back into the closet. Something has to give, as long as it means not giving up.