Coming May 2018

The Distiller's Darling
(River Hill #2)

Irish whiskey royalty has no place in America, but Iain Brennan is in the Bay Area to negotiate west coast distribution deals for his family’s newest release. Wine country is an unlikely place to base a whiskey empire, but with a history of success back home in Dublin, Iain’s just reckless enough to give it a shot.

Naomi Klein has spent the last ten years ignoring her society family as much as possible while building a career as a renowned sculptor. She’s found a home in River Hill, but has no interest in dipping her toes into the commitment pool. Just the idea of forever gives her hives. Which makes a rootless Irish wanderer the perfect fling. And shocking her mother? Just a bonus.

But as cozy autumn nights turn into lazy winter mornings, Naomi and Iain realize that they’re getting close to something neither of them wants: love. When Naomi discovers Iain’s not quite as rootless as he seems, she’ll have to make some tough decisions. And when the Brennans and the Kleins descend en masse to collect their prodigal children, River Hill may never be the same.