The Baker's Beauty
(River Hill #3)

After tragedy struck, Sean Amory left life as a record executive in L.A. to return to his roots. He’s come home to River Hill to work in his family’s bakery, reliving his youth while he decides what to do with his life. Somehow, the warm ovens and fresh dough are soothing his raw edges – and the gorgeous woman he sees jogging past every morning as he opens up the shop is having another effect entirely.

Jess Estes-Moore’s former life as a beauty queen led to her current gig as a lifestyle consultant for every local TV station in northern California – but it also means she hasn’t eaten bread since she was fourteen. But smelling the stuff won’t ruin her career, so she makes a point to route her morning run past River Hill’s best-smelling site: The Breadery. When she meets the handsome baker inside, sparks fly and cupcakes get ... frosted.

Jess and Sean are made for each other – but when his past rears its ugly head and her future comes calling, they’ll have to work out just what they’re ready to give to get everything.

Coming Autumn 2018