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Singer Rae Griffin had it all—or so she thought. Blindsided by her husband’s betrayal, Rae turned to sex and alcohol to numb the pain. When she crossed paths with Ash Devereaux, she thought she’d hit rock bottom, but things only got worse from there. Now sober, Rae’s world is turned upside down once again. When police are unable to catch the deranged fan sending her death threats, Rae hires McClintock Security, never expecting the man assigned to protect her would be the only one she couldn’t forget. Rae knows she and Ash are playing with fire, but this time she’s strong enough not to get burned. 

A former soldier, Ash Devereaux had seen tragedy, but he’d never come across someone who broke his heart quite like the alluring woman from that night in Boise. Now, a year later, Ash has received an offer for a job only he can do … and he can’t believe it when he comes face to face with the sad beauty from his past. She’s just as surprised to see him too—probably because she never told him she was famous. Ash always regretted walking away from Rae, so now he’ll stop at nothing to make sure she’s safe. He just has to make sure he protects his heart while protecting her body. Ash knows he should stay away from Rae, but sometimes forbidden fruit is the sweetest.