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Almost as soon as I pulled the duvet over us, Aoife crashed. I was actually surprised she’d stayed awake as long as she had following the epic orgasm I’d just given her. My girl liked her sleep after she came. Needing to take care of myself, I slipped out of bed and padded on silent feet to the en-suite where—with the taste of Aoife still on my tongue—I jacked off as I recalled the noises she’d made and the way her pussy clamped around my tongue while I’d fucked her with it until she came.

We’d fooled around plenty these past couple of weeks, and a few times she’d gotten off while riding me with all our clothes still on, but tonight was the first time I’d had her completely naked. I’d finally been able to touch her the way I’d been dreaming about for months, been able to take my time and lick my way around her body.

And even though she’d begged me to fuck her—and I’d really, really wanted to—I couldn’t. Not yet. 

The truth was, punching Aoife’s v-card wasn’t something I was in a rush to do anymore. We’d broken up once already and even though things had been good between us since getting back together, she still hadn’t told her brother we were dating. Until she did, I considered our relationship … not so much a real a relationship. Maybe it made me overly sensitive, but a part of me felt like until she told Declan, I couldn’t trust that she was invested in actually making us work. 

Every time I mentioned finally telling him about us, Aoife came up with one reason or another why it wasn’t a good idea. First it was his stupid rule about his teammates staying away from her, then it was his constant bad mood, and then it was his binge drinking—something I was sure Coach would have been pissed to know, but Declan’s closest friends on the team had done a bang-up job covering for him. It wasn’t my place to rat him out, but I’d seriously considered it if meant he’d get his shit together and Aoife and I could be together publicly. 

Once Aoife and Aidan had performed their version of an intervention and had gotten him off the drink and back with his girlfriend Sophie, I’d thought things would improve on that front. Unfortunately, he still behaved like an asshole toward me in the locker room, which made me think he knew something was up between his younger sister and me. But Declan guessing what Aoife got up to in her spare time and her coming clean with him about us were two very different things—something I’d reiterated earlier in the week. 


Yeah, I told her I’d be patient and give her all the time she needed to sort this shit out with her brother, but I was tired of sneaking around and hiding what we were to each other. I didn’t know how much longer I could take it.

And that meant no sex, despite how badly we both wanted it.

Maybe that made me an asshole, but the first time I slipped my dick inside Aoife was going to be about more than just sex. I wasn’t in love with her, but I cared about her. A lot. I didn’t want to be the asshole who took his girlfriend’s virginity only to turn around and break up with her if and when I got tired of her games. So if that meant fucking my palm like a goddamn school boy every time I was with her, so be it.

Because I wasn’t fucking her until she stopped fucking around with me.