(Dublin Rugby #2)


I’ve called Aoife O’Shaughnessy a number of things, but dumb was never one of them. Through all the insane things she’s done—all the trouble she’s gotten into—I never once thought she was actually stupid.
Until now.
Because I just heard her plan to lose her virginity to the biggest asshole we know. My first thought? How the fuck is Aoife still a virgin? The second? Over my dead body
So I volunteered for the job instead.
It might be the stupidest thing I’ve ever done, but once the words were out of my mouth I couldn’t take them back. Suddenly, I can’t stop wondering what it would be like to kiss the pink-haired sprite I’ve known my whole life, to hear her moan my name when she comes for the first time. And I know she’s wondering about me too.
What started as a bit of fun has quickly spiraled out of control and I’m now in deep. I never meant to fall in love with her … it was never supposed to go this far. And what happens next, just might break us.

And check out this video trailer for more insight into Aoife and Eoin's story