(Dublin Rugby #1)

She was his first love; he wants to be her last.

Sophie Newport loves her life: she's travelled the world and lived by her own rules. But when her grandfather has a heart attack, she drops everything and boards a plane to Ireland. Two weeks, that's the plan. Until one look at her childhood nemesis has her rethinking everything. She's sworn off athletes, but she might just give him a try.

Sex and rugby were the only things Declan O'Shaughnessy cared about, right up until his first love waltzed back into his life. Even as he slept his way through Dublin, he never stopped thinking about her. Never stopped wondering if she thought about him, too. So even though he's never gone after a woman the way he chases down opponents on the field, this time, he won't let her get away. 

(Dublin Rugby #2)

She’s a free spirit; he’s a no nonsense kind of guy. When these opposites attract, it’s game on! 

As Dublin Rugby’s youngest starting flanker, Eoin McGrath has laser-like focus on the pitch and no time for distractions. But when he hears his friend Aoife O’Shaughnessy’s plan to lose her virginity to a man he knows will only hurt her, Eoin volunteers for the job instead. He's never looked at his team captain's baby sister that way before, but suddenly he can’t stop wondering what it would be like to kiss the pink-haired sprite he’s known his entire life. Aoife’s known for her spontaneity, but suddenly Eoin’s the one throwing caution to the wind. It’s insane to even consider hooking up with the strictly off-limits Aoife, but Eoin just might need a little madness in his life.


COMING JULY 26, 2017
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