Interconnected Series

While so far none of my contemporary romances have been officially part of a series (that'll come in the future), they are all connected, even in the most minor of ways.

Lucky Star's Cameron and Sarah lived and worked in Hollywood. Sarah read a blog post from travel blogger Sophie Newport from Trying Sophie that lead her to Eagle Harbour (the fictional Tofino, my favorite place on the planet incidentally). Cameron is eventually cast in the movie version of the book "The Ties That Bind." In Trying Sophie, Sophie talks about a blog reader who became a friend after one of her posts led the couple to a romantic escape. And now, in Ashes to Ashes, Ash references his cousin Gage's obsession with celebrity gossip and how the man was maybe even more excited when "that Hollywood heartthrob from that Ties Binding moving" married his secret girlfriend than the girlfriend was.

Eventually Lucky Star will have a sequel with Knocked Out and the spin off Eagle Harbour series, and we all know the Dublin Rugby series has four more books starting later this summer, but for now I thought it would be fun to show you how all of my stories actually do cross over with each other.

Ruck Me Teaser!

I went on the stock photo sites this morning looking for a pic to use in a different teaser when I stumbled upon my Aoife and Eoin. I immediately downloaded all of them and now I just have to keep my fingers crossed no one else discovers them before I can get RUCK ME (Dublin Rugby #2) out to all of you later this summer (ahem ... ASHES to ASHES cover couple, I'm looking at you).

With a little bit of photoshop magic, Aoife was born. I am so in love with this image and it's definitely inspiring me to jump back into writing their story. Last I opened the manuscript they were just about to have their epic first kiss. *swoon*

Have y'all checked out the sneak peek I released back in January? No? You definitely should. You will not be disappointed with where this story is going.