Meet the Bad Boys of Dark Desires

Ready to meet your next book boyfriend? How about 22 of them? Prepare to ignite your nights with some of today’s hottest contemporary romance novels, starring the baddest of bad boys, including bodyguards, bikers, billionaires, and more! Get to know a few of them below. (And keep scrolling for an extra special treat.)


Ash Devereaux

by Rebecca Norinne
Soldier-turned-bodyguard with nerves of steel and a need to control everything … and he does mean everything. He’s been hired to protect the sad, dark-eyed beauty's life, but who will protect their hearts?    


Liam Reed

by JH Croix
Playmaker in life extraordinary flirt. But one look at the orthopedic surgeon assigned to rehab his knee and he decides he must have her. Unfortunately, she's not interested - at all. Playing ball is easy. Falling in love…not so much.


Jason Keeper

by Charlotte Casey
The drummer for Rusted and Reckless is known for his kilt and devastating smile, but when he meets his "biggest fan," he learns they’re more connected than he knew. Can he fight the reckless demon from his past for the future he’s always wanted?


Eduardo Soto
by Normandie Alleman
A man of the cloth with sexy dark hair and eyes that are an invitation to sin. He is dedicated to helping others - including the exotic dancer with questionable motives - even if costs him his flock.

Devon Rhoades

by Tameri Etherton
Great with computers and a flogger, but not great with human emotions. When a woman comes back into his life, he's unsure what to do with the conflicting feelings he has for her—does he spank her or protect her? She wants Prince Charming but he's no prince.

Liam "Blade" Maguire

by Amity Cross
The Underground's favourite pair of fists, the man who’s right hook is sharper than diamond-cut steel, the man who’s remained undefeated in his last ten bouts, the man with nothing to lose…the one, the only, Blade!


Noah Endicott
by Ivy Lane
Founder and CEO of Endicott Technologies, Noah doesn't do regrets but he's never forgiven himself for walking away from Ella. Now that he has a chance to get her back, there's no way he'll let her go.


Kurt Gander

by Lisa Leuthesser
Internationally-renowned chef and a man with a purpose. Nine years after his love disappeared, Kurt finally uncovers her whereabouts. But his trek across the globe to find her becomes a brief moment of heaven followed by a long nightmare in hell.


Jack Spencer

by Madisyn Ashmore
Real estate tycoon who loves hard work, playing guitar, and his motorcycle. When Jack meets a seductive nurse who lures him into a world he never imagined, will her risk everything for her?


Dan Masters

by Donna Alam
He's a cerebral sort of bad boy: a dominant personality, as well as a dominant. His tastes are singular and rather hard edged. What you should know about him> He's divorced, a father, and ... his ex-wife lives next door. 


Riordan Loren

by Jade Kerrion
Billionaire’s son by birth; reclusive writer by choice. DEA agent not quite by choice. He wanted to give her the diamond pendant that belonged to his family, but when she stole it, she changed the rules of the game.  


Jason Townsend

by Amie Stuart
A soldier-turned-mercenary who knows family’s important, even if they don’t always have his back. As the baby, he struggles to carve out a niche in the clan, but when he meets a woman with her own struggles, he feels like he’s finally found home.


Yohaness "Prince" Obademi

by Ines Johnson
As a kid he stood up to bullies, chased away drug dealers, and challenged racists. Now an agent in the FBI's Civil Rights Division, he'll have to face the friends he left behind and the girl who's never left his mind.

One of my favorite things about going to the movies is the 20 minutes of trailers before the main feature, so I'm excited to share this trailer with you. Enjoy!