August 2017 Reader Survey Results

  • Most of you want more personal details about my life, while a small percentage wish I'd just shut up and get to the sales and freebies. 😜 (For those of you who fall into that category, stay tuned. I'll be separating out this newsletter in the coming weeks so you only get that information.)
  • Your favorite book of mine is Trying Sophie and you can't get enough of my rugby players. 
  • You also loved The Ties That Bind and want me to write more gritty, dark romances.
  • You can't wait to read The Vintner's Vixen, a book I'm co-writing with Jamaila Brinkley, about a winemaker and a curvy actress who escapes Hollywood to remodel a B&B next door. You're really intrigued by the idea of working class heroes and can't wait to meet the vintner, baker, distiller, barista, chef and brewer.
  • You're patiently waiting for the conclusion to Ashes to Ashes. Don't worry - it's coming this fall and I've got a surprise in store for you when it does.
  • You loved Lucky Star, but you don't necessarily want me to continue the series. In fact, most of you had no clue who the fine folks of Eagle Harbour even were. Since I'd planned to write a series of four novellas about them next year, I might re-think this strategy and move on to a different idea that's been percolating at the back of my head.
  • Several of you would love for me to try my hand at Paranormal Romance, especially if the story is set in Ireland (Guess what? I have! Consider yourself properly warned, however; Resurrection is part one of a trilogy and it ends in a cliffhanger. The goal is to release parts two and three in 2018.)